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Make sure you have the following:

  1. DLT Platform.
  2. MSG91 with Transactional Credits. (NOT OTP Credits).

For DLT, We recommend you to go for pingconnect or Trueconnect.


Complete the Registration Process.

Header Registration Process :

Go to Header > New Header


  • Set Header Type as Other.
  • Category > Food & Beverages.
  • As per Govt. Norms, the Header should be only 6 Characters. (Example: If FOODOMAA is your Brand Name, You can write only CLOUDY or CLOUFY or a Mixture of 6 Characters as your wish)
  • Supporting Docs: GST Registration License of your Company.

Note: Verification takes 24 - 48 Hours.

After Approval of the Header only you can proceed to Template Registration Process, As Template registration requires the Header Name to complete the template registration Process.


Template Registration Process :

Go to Template > Add New Template


  • Template Name: OTP   
  • Communication Type: SMS   
  • Template type : Service Explicit   
  • Template Category: Food & Beverages   
  • Template to be Pasted : Your OTP Verification code for FOODOMAA Food Delivery is : {#var#}
  • Then Click Submit.

Note: Verification takes 24 - 48 Hours.


To see your template id, Click Active Button highlighted in the above screenshot.



In Pingconnect

  • Go to Profile > Copy Registration ID.


  • Go to OTP Template & Click Active Button. It will pop up with Template ID. Copy the Template ID.
  • Go to MSG91 Dashboard > Click SMS from Dashboard.

  • Go to Configuration > Sender ID > Add Sender ID.

  • Select India as the Country.
  • Enter your Approved Header.
  • Enter your DLT Registration ID.(Pingconnect > Profile > Registration ID)
  • Your Company Name.
  • Your Brand Name.
  • Your Website URL.
  • Your Logo.

Then Save Sender ID.


Generating Auth Code :

Go to Configuration > Auth Key > Create New.

  • Auth Name : FOODOMAA.    
  • Click Save & Copy the Auth Code.


Login to Foodomaa Admin Panel > Settings > SMS Settings.



Step 1: Set Default SMS Gateway as MSG91.    
Step 2: Paste the MSG91 AuthKey. (MSG91 > Configuration > Auth Key > FOODOMAA)    
Step 3: MSG91 Sender ID : CLOUDY (Approved Header Name)    
Step 4: MSG91 Sender Template ID : (Pingconnect > Header > Go to CLOUDY Template & Click Active Button. It will popup with Template ID. Copy the Template ID & Paste Here.)    
Step 5: Set Phone OTP Login for Login/Registration Type.    
Step 6: OTP Message: Your OTP Verification code for FOODOMAA Food Delivery is :


 Note : Your Step 6 must match the approved content exactly; even a single space or different letter will prevent an SMS from being sent. 


You can also refer to this documentation for reference :

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